Blessed Be The Bullies Fundraising Campaign

Blessed Be the Bullies
I'm so excited and honored to be partnering with another rescue, Blessed Be The Bullies! It's a non-profit focusing on saving and re-homing at risk dogs. As you know, I've always been a huge supporter of the adopt don't shop mentality and while we may be the ones rescuing them, often times they are the ones rescuing us. We have the opportunity to give these souls an absolutely amazing life which is why organizations such as Blessed Be The Bullies are so very important. Helping is easier than you think!

How the campaign works:

  • Select items will be added to the website, available for purchase.
  • You'll be able to easily distinguish these items by
    • Blessed Be The Bullies logo on the bottom right of the product photos
    • *BBTB Approved* listed in the product title
  • Any of the approved items that are purchased will automatically generate donations for the foundation
  • There is no further action required from buyers
  • Donations will be added at the end of each month and given to the organization on a predetermined schedule

Other ways you can help:

  • Like and Share their facebook:
  • Direct Donation:
  • Adopt:
  • Foster:
Their Mission Statement

We strive to connect with other in state and out of state shelters, kennels, and rescues to assist in placing their hard to adopt dogs. We offer to take strays, owner surrenders, shelter overflow from lists for dogs to be euthanized. Once in our care, they are kept in a home environment with the rescue or with one of our volunteer foster families. During this time, they are evaluated and either matched with an adopter, or kept in our care to work on rehab/socialization skills/training, until they are ready for adoption. All animals will be spayed/neutered, be up to date on vaccines and preventatives and tested for heart worm and tick-borne illnesses before being placed with their adoptive family.  There is a rigorous application process not just for adopters, but for fosters as well,  to assure the animals are properly placed, and a policy set in place that the animal must return to our care if it is not a good fit. The animals we help will never again be at risk of abuse, neglect or be placed back in a shelter environment.

For more information visit their website at

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